Computers for Classrooms

Partner:Computers for Classrooms
Date:Jun 08, 2016

Computers for Classrooms was started in 1991 as a volunteer program to refurbish donated computers for schools. Now CFC can serve schools, college students, senior citizens, low income families, and non-profits.

  • Mission Statement

    We are a non-profit computer refurbisher that triages all donations for possible reuse. We place guaranteed systems with schools, non-profits and low-income families. All donated systems are wiped with White Cayon Wipe Drive. We're a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher.
  • Project Abstract

    Computers for Classrooms, Inc. is a volunteer organization which has been in operation for 11 years. Our mission is to: 1) Refurbish surplus computers 2) Train volunteers in computer hardware, software and some networking to repair the computer. 3) To give a free computer to the volunteers after 50 hours of volunteer time 4) To work with the community organizations to train at-risk youth, disabled persons, special programs such as taking a two week course, etc. 5) To give computers to classrooms throughout California. We have placed computers in over 27 counties to date. 6) To work with a Welfare-To-Work program that trains clients in computer repair and warehouse skills.
  • Target Population

    1) Disabled persons of all ages and types of disabilities. Our receptionist is blind and also parts out computers. We have worked with deaf, blind, morbidly obese, brain damaged, referrals from mental health, etc. We say that as long as they are breathnig, they qualify for the program. We have special programs with the continuation high schools and place flyers in the classroom to encourage the participation of at-risk youth. We have some youth from group homes and bused in from other countries. We work with other community programs such as the Healthy Start program which provides computer training along with health services to low-income families. We have special programs for limited English speaking families. The younger children who speak English work with their families, the Hmong and Farci speaking groups. We have many elderly workers. Some of our regular trainers are in their 80's. It is quite a sight to see volunteers from age 10 (with a parent) to age 82 working along side and having a good time.
  • Contact Information & Map

    Computers for Classrooms
    Attn: Ozzie Serrano
    411 Otterson Drive
    Suite 100
    Chico, CA 95928
    United States

    Phone: (530) 895-4175
    Fax: (530) 895-4075

  • Equipment Needed

    PC Desktop System
    PC Laptop System
    Mac Desktop System
    Mac Laptop System
    PC CPU (Partial System)
    All-In-One Unit
    Answering Machine
    CDROM Drive
    Digital Camera
    Pen/Drawing Tablet
    Fax Machine
    Flatbed Scanner
    Hard Disk Drive
    Switch or Router
    Network Interface Card
    Tablet or PDA
    Software Item
    Sound Card
    Video Card
    Miscellaneous Item