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    Over 80 youth completed the six week training.
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    Presentation to youth completing their Workforce Training Program.
Partner:CitiWide Computer Training Center
Date:May 16, 2016

CitiWide’s goal is to improve and foster employment opportunities for low-income families in Washington, D.C.  Since 1993, they have trained and provided services to over 15,500 individuals.

  • Mission Statement

    CitiWide CTC seeks to deliver the highest quality information technology, education services, workforce training, health and safety skills to Washington Metro Area residents leading to industry recognized certifications. CitiWide provides its students with effective and affordable training in a friendly state-of-the-art facility with dedicated professional staff and faculty committed to providing a learning environment conducive to productivity. CitiWide does these through in-kind, monetary, volunteers, endowments, and other tax deductible donations. To make donation or to volunteer your services, please contact us at: CITIWIDE COMPUTER TRAINING CENTER, 3636 16th Street, NW, Suite AG-49, Washington, D.C. 20010. Phone: (202) 667-3719, Fax: (202) 667-0554, Email: Thank you. Anthony Chuukwu Executive Director
  • Project Abstract

    CitiWide CTC would like to receive excess equipment such as laptops and other technologies that are in working condition/order for classroom use as well as for donation to low-income families in Washington, Metro Area. If available, we would like to receive software as well such as Microsoft Office, Typing software and Adobe software as well. These are installed in the laptops so that they are effectively used by individuals receiving the donation. The equipment should contain operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista or higher. The computers should be ready to use since that would save us funds for repairs and salaries. Donated equipment are used for training in basic software programs and hardware as well. They are also used as incentives to individuals with no motivation to completion training sessions as a result of health and social disadvantages. These equipment are donated to them for use at home and for school.
  • Target Population

    1. Our clients and recipients are low income DC residents and families, 2. Students who attend our after-school program ages 5-13 years, Summer Youth Employees who are also Middle and High School students ages 14-21 Years. All the above mentioned individuals are our clients who participate in our training programs.
  • Contact Information & Map

    Attn: Anthony Chuukwu
    3636 16TH STREET NW
    Suite AG-49
    Washington, DC, DC 20010
    East Coast
    United States

    Phone: (202) 667-3719
    Fax: (202) 667-0554

  • Equipment Needed

    PC Desktop System
    PC Laptop System
    Mac Laptop System
    All-In-One Unit
    CDROM Drive
    Digital Camera
    Pen/Drawing Tablet
    Fax Machine
    Flatbed Scanner
    Hard Disk Drive
    Switch or Router
    Network Interface Card
    Tablet or PDA
    Software Item
    Sound Card
    Video Card
    Miscellaneous Item