Heroes Deserve Help

Heroes Deserve Help is working with Veteran Organizations and College Resource Centers in Southern California that assist Veterans with programs that include reintegration and training into the civilian job marketplace.
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Tech For Troops Project

Tech For Troops Project provides free refurbished computers to veterans, enabling them to connect with employers and develop essential computer skills.
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Outlook Foundation

The Outlook Foundation re-purposes computers and gives them to children in need, helping ensure all children have the same opportunities in education; to siblings in foster care and military personnel being deployed to help bridge the communication gap with their families that they wo
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Touch the Future

Computers can be adapted to enable children with many different types of disabilities to gain independent access to their education. Alternative control devices are individualized for the needs of the each user. Your donated computer can make a difference.
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Empowering Our Veterans

Still Serving Veterans

Veterans helping Veterans is the primary method for our heroes to learn about benefits, services, training, jobs and more. Community based Veteran services organizations need your donated equipment in order to provide these invaluable services. Help these organizations through your do
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